Homework Help

Helping your child during homework time can be very frustrating for you and your child. Times have changed and the same things you learned are being taught differently in today’s classrooms. Has your child adamantly told you, “My teacher didn’t do it that way!” Our tutors are there to help you and your child. We focus on the specific areas that your child needs help with.

Our Homework Help programs for elementary students are designed to get children to complete their homework assignments within the hour that they are here. Our tutors will sit with you to design a plan of action to get your child to accomplish their goals in a timely manner. Your child will progressively learn how to complete their homework with minimal assistance. Being able to complete their homework will boost a child’s self-esteem and propel them to want to do and learn more.

Call today to find a location near you! Our sessions fill up fast. Our small groups are designed to give individual attention to each child. Don’t let homework time run into bedtime. Act now!